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Mother’s Cake Interview

By Sassy
Wed, 05 Feb 2014 23:28:13 +1100

Progressive rock fans contain your excitement. In 7 short days Mother’s Child will be making the long track from Austria to Australia for the very first time as part of their ‘Endless Space’ Tour. We were lucky enough to catch up with a very nervous but very excited Jan Haussels before the band kicked into tour mode.

Undercover FM: So you’re on your way to Australia on the 12th of February, how do you feel about that?

Jan Haussels: Right now we are quite nervous or at least I’m quite nervous. It’s a huge amount of travel, it’s a huge flight – it’s a very long trip and I hope we get rid of the jet lag quite fast and explore the beautiful country. We’re all looking forward to playing some good shows.

Undercover FM: How are you planning to pass the time on the flight?

Jan Haussels: I hope I can sleep a lot! I hope there isn’t a lot of air turbulence, when the plane is jumping around, I don’t like that because every time it does I get quite afraid. Hopefully we all just have a good time together.

Undercover FM: Has anyone from Mother’s Cake been down under before?

Jan Haussels: No! No one has been there yet! So everyone is just really curious about it and we’re all really happy like little children. It’s the first time for everyone.

Undercover FM: What are you most excited about coming to Australia?

Jan Haussels: I am least excited about the heat because when you live in Europe you hear that Australia is the hottest summer in Australia. I’ve heard that it’s really hot right now – around 40 degrees, I have never experienced that before and I hope I can manage to live in it!

The most exciting thing is to meet a lot of cool people and see all the venues. Hopefully we can see the country side while we are on the road, I hope we can stop and enjoy the ocean. I guess we will be just completely amazed when we are down there. It’s a different country side and a different culture, completely different from what we are used to in Austria. There’s a lot to be excited about!

Undercover FM: So far what reaction have you had towards the Endless Space Tour?

Jan Haussels: We have been surprised about the reaction from the media so far, we have had a lot of good feedback and I have had to do a lot of interviews so far. I kind of get the feeling that people are really looking forward to seeing us and I hope it is like that. I hope a lot of people will be there because it’s a big step for any band to do such a tour and change continents. So far we are really happy about the way it’s going but you can’t really tell until you’re there. I hope the people at the concerts enjoy it, and I hope they come over to us afterwards and tell us to come back to Australia again!

Undercover FM: What does an average show for you look like?

Jan Haussels: I’m always a bit nervous but then we drink some beer and the nerves go away!

Then on stage we just have lots of fun. Normally every show something happens like some cable is broken or some technical difficulties and we just have to play them away. It’s kind of funny because we always have to wait for them and they will be there.

Undercover FM: What can Australia expect to see from Mother’s Cake when we come to one of your shows?

Jan Haussels: I hope you can see a show you won’t forget! For most people it is like that, I just hope it’s the same for Australians! Normally people experience a show where they can forget about all of their problems and they can just jump around. You’ll be surprised by the music.

Undercover FM: Does anyone have any annoying habits on tour?

Jan Haussels: No I wouldn’t think so, but maybe I am the annoying one! No one has told me yet though!

On tour we are always like a family but in a positive way though because family could mean a lot of anger as well. We all look after each other and no one gets too cocky or too lazy. But like I said I can’t tell what they think about me!

I am the who is always like; come on we have to be there, come on pack your things, come one help us pack the stuff. That probably annoys the others but I think they understand that someone has to be the bitch!

Undercover FM: Do you have any final words?

Jan Haussels: I want to tell everyone that they should come and they should at least bring their parents and sisters and brothers and grandparents so there are a lot of people at the shows and we all have a good time!

Undercover FM: Do you think that grandparents would enjoy a Mother’s Cake show?

Jan Haussels: Probably! You never know! My grandmother was at a concert once and she enjoyed it but probably that’s because she is my grandmother!

Catch Mother’s Child from February 12th

Wednesday 12th February 2014

ADELAIDE, Enigma Bar


Thursday 13th February 2014

BALLARAT, Karova Lounge


Friday 14th February 2014

GEELONG, Courthouse (All Ages)


Saturday 15th February 2014

MELBOURNE, Rock The Bay Festival (The



Wednesday 19th February 2014



Thursday 20th February 2014

WOLLONGONG, Yours & Owls


Friday 21st February 2014

SYDNEY, Bald Faced Stag


Saturday 22nd February 2014

BRISBANE, Beetle Bar

Tickets on sale NOW

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