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All The Colours Interview

By Sassy
Thu, 20 Mar 2014 15:49:56 +1100

I think the best part about being a music journalist is that you’re not just another giggling fan girl; you’re someone who gets to help promote the music that they’re making – you’re someone who gets to share in their journey more so than your average fan. Another great thing about it is that you will always have something to remember that interview by.

Well today I experienced something totally new and different – this time the artist would remember the interview forever (unfortunately not because it was an amazing interview) and I would be seriously hoping to forget it.

I spoke with Jono Toogood from All The Colours; we discussed all things relating to the band’s debut album release AND I even got schooled in spelling (you’ll have to read the interview from start to finish to find out why I am so embarrassed).

Undercover FM: Just over a week ago All The Colours released their debut album – how are you feeling?

Jono Toogood: To be honest relieved, happy, exhausted and to be honest kind of cleansed.

Undercover FM: Why would you say cleansed?

Jono Toogood: I feel like it’s something that, when we started the band two years ago we’ve just been waiting to sort of go out there and so now it’s done, I’m just looking forward to the next album and to start working on other stuff. It’s nice

Undercover FM: Do you think the rest of the band is feeling a similar way?

Jono Toogood: Yeah definitely we have all had a couple of glasses of champagne and discussed the next phase of the band. So everyone is really wrapped.

Undercover FM: How did you celebrate the release of this album?

Jono Toogood: It was last week when we put it out, so we were over in Adelaide doing the Fringe Festival down there, we cracked open a couple of bottles of veuve which was very, very nice and there were a lot of sore heads in the morning. So we have celebrated for sure!

Undercover FM: How have you found that people reacted to the album so far?

Jono Toogood: Yeah good! I think one of the nerve racking things about releasing an album is actually having to put it out there and say this is what we do, if you like it or not! I think there’s been some pretty good reviews of it so far, so it’s always nice to know that other people like it as well because I guess we put out the album for people to be able to enjoy at any time of the day and have a nice time listening to it. It is kind of important that some people like it – otherwise it was kind of fruitless.

Undercover FM: How does this compare to what you expected? Did you expect people to react well to the album?

Jono Toogood: I think the answer is yes. We like music, we know what we like and we sort of had a bit of intention that we wanted to at least have half the album for if our grandparents or our mums and dads listen to it, they would enjoy it. When you get closer to actually releasing an album you get a bit apprehensive and you do doubt yourself a little bit; maybe you shouldn’t, maybe it’s just me but we have a sound now that we enjoy and wanted to release.

Undercover FM: You said that All The Colours have been together for just over two years, how long has the album been in the making?

Jono Toogood: It pretty much started the moment we formed the band. We had been playing about 6 months in mid to late 2011 but then we sort of officially started in early 2012. I think since around then we sort of had some songs and we had something to do pretty much straight away. It’s pretty much been at least 18 months of recording, mixing, producing and refining so it’s been a bit of a project.

Undercover FM: Did anything in particular inspire the album or was it a combination of things?

Jono Toogood: Definitely a combination but I think the purpose of this album was not to really make anything ground breaking its more that we wanted to pay a bit of homage to some of the influences that we’ve grown up to and put out a nice piece of work while we grow as a band and as a music entity. It’s a nice volume of music.

Undercover FM: You said you had a list of influences that sort of inspired the album – if one of them could listen to your album who do you hope that it would be?

Jono Toogood: I’m just going to go with my gut feeling and say Josh Homme.

Undercover FM: Why would you want Josh Homme to listen to your album?

Jono Toogood: Because I would like to play with him! I wish I could play with Queens of the Stone Age. I could say The Beatles and pick anyone but I would like Josh Homme to listen to it and the band say “hey you guys should do something with us!” or “I’d like to do some recording with you!” or something, wishful thinking!

Undercover FM: What does All The Colours have planned next?

Jono Toogood: We have an album release party in probably late April and it’s in Melbourne and we’re gonna do some big warehouse type parties which is going to be a lot of fun but we do have to put a lot of effort into that and then we’re going to LA for a couple of months to do some sound tracking and some demoing for what will start becoming the next album!

Undercover FM: In case some of our readers haven’t heard the album yet, what can you tell them about it?

Jono Toogood: It’s not a current pop album of any sort, we’re not trying to follow any trend or make anything trendy or something like that. It should be something that you can keep in your album collection until you’re really, really old and you’ve got kids and you will show your kids and your kids will go “Wow! You’re actually cool mum and dad!” So that’s why you should get it!

Undercover FM: I just have one last question, is there a reason behind the American spelling of Colours?

Jono Toogood: Um we didn’t! The American is ‘Colors’! ‘Colours’ is the English way!

Undercover FM: You can’t tell anyone I said that!

Jono Toogood: That was good – I enjoyed that, thank you. I hope you leave that in!

(I said I would and I did!)

So Melbourne – get excited for All The Colours and their official release party for their debut album!
(I will be running off to hide under a rock!)

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