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By Sassy
Tue, 04 Feb 2014 09:45:24 +1100

It’s February and we all know what that means – everyone in Australia goes mad for metal music preparing for Soundwave. Well we’ve found a band who isn’t on the bill but who should be!

Seventrain are set to release their debut self-titled album in just a couple of short weeks on the 18th of February. This reviewer will be first in line to purchase it.

The band is comprised of members of 24-7 Spyz, Cage and Tourniquet, which I though was a confusing blend of musical talents – however no band has ever fit together so harmoniously.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard such a raw blend of hard rock and progressive metal. I personally find that with a lot of recent metal releases the artists are trying to overcomplicate their music by putting too much into one song. It makes releases hard to listen to and hard to relate to. Seventrain have managed to steer clear of this, they have managed to create an original sound whilst still maintaining an old fashioned twist. It is delicious!

The guitar work on this album will blow you away. The solos are stunning, the rhythm is surprisingly melodic and the entire album is seamlessly catchy. If you want impressive musicianship – look no further.

The vocal work is also something to be admired; It’s strong and powerful however it complements the backing music without taking away from the overall sound. Which I think is what an album should be about – each talent complimenting each other without trying to outdo each other.

The Seventrain song to listen out for is ‘Pain’. It is beautiful and relatable however still maintains a metal edge. It’s one of their slower songs and I find it inspiring.

I almost can’t believe I am going to do this – because I have never done this before when reviewing an album but right now it is impossible not to. I am going to give Seventrain 5 stars! Well done boys. Seriously, well done!