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Taylor Swift LIVE at Suncorp Stadium

By Sassy
Mon, 09 Dec 2013 10:51:43 +1100

I read somewhere once that if your girlfriend is listening to Taylor Swift you’ve either done something incredibly wrong or incredibly right. For the most part I think this statement is true, however they left out one major factor – if your girlfriend is listening to Taylor Swift on repeat for months on end then the singer is probably coming back to Australia as part of her Red Tour. Unlucky for my boyfriend the later was the case over the weekend and we went to see her live at Suncorp Stadium.

I just wanted to first point out that I am a pretty big Taylor Swift fan, so regardless of what happened this was bound to be biased (I thought you should have a heads up that this was going to be a glowing review). Although, this was always going to be the case, this concert far exceeded my expectations.

When Swift stepped out onto the stage and 40,000 dedicated fans went wild, it could have been her first time performing; her face lit up with excitement and it was almost as though she was shocked at the number of people that had come to see her perform. She was humble and gracious – I’ve heard that about her before but it was warming to see it in real life.

There were two other things though which made me admire her more. Firstly I never expected to see her so cool, calm and collected. The third song into the show, she was about to perform The Lucky One but unfortunately there was a major technical malfunction which left the entire audience in the dark. Swift was the first to return to the stage and explain the glitch, instead of panicking she reassured the audience that no matter what happened – whether it could be fixed or not, the show would go on. She even suggested getting out her guitar and doing the entire set acoustically. She then spent 15 minutes chatting casually with the audience. She excitedly blurted out that Red had been nominated for ‘Album of the Year’ at the Grammys and whole heartedly thanked each and every one of the audience members for making it happen. (Thankfully the equipment was fixed and the show did go on)

The second thing that shocked me so much about Swifts performance is that even under duress the singer’s music went unaffected. Swift put a lot of effort into ensuring that no one in the stadium felt left out of her performance, this included a second stage up the back with a rising platform. Upon her return to the main stage she was singing Treacherous, greeting audience members, giving hugs, grabbing hands, and even taking photographs with fans. During the entire process Swift did not stop singing nor did she miss a single beat. Unfortunately there always has to be one fan that ruins it for everyone – this particular person got over excited and pulled Swift into the crowd almost pulling her over, thank goodness for the security who caught her. The singer still managed to sing every word on key without stopping. It was incredible to witness.

The show was comprised mainly of songs from Red however thrown into the mix were a few songs from her earlier albums including Mean, You Belong With Me and Love Story, all of which the fans responded to well; after all these are crowd favourites.

The set included a number of costume changes, incredible ballet dance numbers and a violin player who opened Trouble. The performance was immaculate and fun, everyone involved was having such an incredible time.

Perhaps the only damper on the day was the hordes of 12 year old girls who engaged in chain squealing. Someone needs to teach them a little bit of concert etiquette before they attend another show.

All in all I would give this performance a 10 out of 10 and I know there are at least 40,000 other people who would agree with me.

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